John Guillaume -  Fine Art Photographer
 John Guillaume -  Fine Art Photographer


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‘Whisper’ is an image of the beautiful salt marshes of New Jersey. It’s namesake came from the feeling that I experienced when exploring the marshes and ultimately taking this image. The only sounds that could be heard were the birds and the breeze. In the back of my mind I kept whispering to myself the fate of these former trees that stood vertically in front of me. Were they placed there by humans for some reason or have they simply endured over the years? I don’t know, but the combination of the silence and the simple beauty of the salt marshes sure made for a beautiful moment.

This image will look fantastic printed in large format. Please inquire for larger sizes if you do not see a size that fits your needs.

Available in either acrylic or museum quality, archival photographic paper.

Whisper will be sold in in a limited print run of just 25 pieces.

Limited Edition prints will be signed and numbered by the artist. Prints A2 and smaller will be printed in Open Edition.

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