Anthony Wayne Theater

I often mention that we are so lucky to have landed in Wayne, Pennsylvania. We relocated in 2012 after Comcast acquired my company in 2010. While we miss our friends and the mountains of Colorado, our new hometown of Wayne is just about perfect.

We live just three blocks from the town center so we can walk or ride our bikes to nearly anything we need. Despite it being just a few blocks in size, the Wayne town center has so much to offer. The Wayne train station provides convenient access up and down the Main Line and to Philadelphia. Laments auto service is the best. We love Outthere Outfitters for their superb selection of outdoor apparel and accessories. There is even a Trek Bike store in town, and Wayne Sporting Goods has what we need in a pinch. 118 North has live music. It's easy to grab a bite at Christopher's or Paola's and follow it up with an ice cream at the Wayne Bar. I would be remiss not to mention the crew at Do it Best Hardware down the road...they've got everything along with the best service.

Grabbing a movie is also cinch at Anthony Wayne Theater. This iconic landmark is the centerpiece of the town. It has a rich history that started on June 20th, 1928. It has gone through many changes and owners over the years, but it still has a charming feel to it made only better by the ability to walk into town and grab a bite and movie. Here is a link to a more detailed history of the theater.

In this image, the early evening glow of the theater's lights complemented with colorful evening sky make this one of my personal favorites.

Anthony Wayne Theater - Summer, 2018

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When Serendipity Meets Luck - My Favorite Image of 2018

My family and I were fortunate to be able to spend a couple of weeks in Avalon, NJ this summer. Located on the beautiful New Jersey coastline, Avalon sits on the north end of 7 Mile Island where it neighbors Stone Harbor.

Both Avalon and Stone Harbor are fantastic places for vacation. The main attraction, the beaches, and shoreline are sublime for family beach fun, swimming, and surfing. The sand is soft and the water is a comfortable temperature in the summer and fall months. This area has been a go-to for us ever since we moved to the Philadelphia area.

It was Friday the 27th. As usual, I was up before the sunrise to capture some images but, this day, I did not go to the shoreline. I grabbed an extra-large Wawa dark roast and explored the marshy areas of the bay. After shooting a few images and enjoying the sunrise, I headed back to our rental to get ready to go for a run.

It was about 8am when I headed out. The tide was low and I decided to run on the beach. Even though the sun had long since risen, it wasn't too hot because of an ultra-thick layer of fog. I ran two and a half miles south and returned back for a total of five. It was now 9am...not typically considered the best time for photography.

However, when I finished my run, I saw a scene that was too perfect not to be captured.

The thick layer of fog had persisted on the ocean side during my run...I wasn't able to see but 200ft in front of me. Sitting next to the lifeguard stand where three colored beach chairs and a drawn umbrella where an ambitious family had staked out their piece of beachfront real-estate. Most importantly...there was nothing else! The usually busy beaches were quiet. I had to capture this image.

I ran back to the house, grabbed my gear as quickly as I could, threw it on my back, and jumped on my bike, pedaling furiously back to the beach. My daughter Sam, thought I was nuts by the way - Luv u :-).

When I arrived it was still as perfect as when I saw it. I located the ideal spot for the composition, quickly assembled the tripod, and dialed in my camera settings. Breathe...take the shot. Take another for good measure. Wait a minute...there are people entering the frame at the same time from either side...wait, wait, wait, click!

I knew I got a good shot but didn't pay too much attention to it at that moment because there were other compositions to consider as well. I took a few more images and headed back home where I met the fam.

After spending some time at the beach that afternoon, I uploaded the images to my laptop and started looking at the digital negatives, I came across this one and was personally blown away...I knew immediately it was one of my favorites of the year. Now, having looked at it dozens of times for the past month, I can confidently place it as one of my favorite images, ever. I simply love it.

It just all came together that Friday...the minimalist scene, the simple color palette, the atmosphere, the beach-goers, the perfectly situated beach chairs, and umbrella...all at once, serendipitously. Part luck...absolutely but I was prepared and a acted on it. That's how I got the shot.

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‘24th Street Beach’ - ©johnguillaume

‘24th Street Beach’ - ©johnguillaume

‘24th Street Beach’ - Printed on Archival Paper and Framed ©johnguillaume

‘24th Street Beach’ - Printed on Archival Paper and Framed ©johnguillaume