Four Tips to Capture Better Sports Photos of your Kids

As I write this we are just around the corner from Fall sports so I wrote a post and made a quick video to share four tips to getting that keeper of your kids. You can find the video at the bottom of the post. 

  1. GET YOUR CAMERA SETUP CORRECTLY: I used Manual mode in this video to manually adjust my shutter speed and aperture that were ideal for freezing action and blurring the background. In this case 1/1000th of a second and f.4. If you’re uncomfortable using Manual mode, then consider using Shutter Priority mode which gives you control of your shutter speed while letting the camera figure out the rest of the settings. Also, put your camera on burst mode which will enable it to take as many frames per second as possible. Taking multiple frames increases your chances of getting the timing just right.

  2. USE ONE OR A FEW AUTOFOCUS POINTS: Your camera may have 20 or even 300 autofocus points on the screen. Adjust them to either one or just a few and track your subject with them until you’re ready to take the shot. This gives you control of what is in focus rather than the camera deciding and will increase your chances of getting a sharp shot of your son or daughter.

  3. ANTICIPATE THE ACTION: If you see your son waving for the ball and he’s open, point your camera towards him and wait for the ball to arrive and the click-away. If the ball is up in the air and the players are gathering below, pre-focus on the players and wait for the ball to enter the frame. Trying to track the play real-time can be daunting and difficult to consistently get correct focus. By anticipating where the action will be you’ll consistently get more keepers.

  4. AVOID UGLY AND DISTRACTING BACKGROUNDS:  Porta-Potties, garbage cans, and parking lots are not pretty. Move around the field to find angles that will minimize background clutter or something interesting that tells a story - perhaps the parents in the sidelines or a tournament banner.

For more in-depth descriptions of sports photography, shutter speed, and aperture follow the links to each.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, below. If you found this helpful please share this post with your friends and family.

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