It's a Blizzard Here! - Quick Tip - Photographing Snow

Snow can dramatically change the look of any neighborhood, city, or landscape.  However, your photographs can often disappoint because your camera can make the white, fluffy stuff look flat, dull and grey :-( 

YOu need to overexpose your images because your camera will automatically underexpose the scene because of the brightness value of the snow.  

Here are two ways to do it:   

  1. EDIT YOUR PICTURE after you've taken it by increasing your 'white' or 'brightness' slider and add a bit of 'contrast' as well. Adjust these to your taste. 
  2. INCREASE YOUR EXPOSURE BY USING EXPOSURE COMPENSATION before you click the shutter button - I covered how to do this on your iPhone HERE.  Many DSLRs have a dedicated dial, as well.  Bump your exposure up by 1-2 stops and viola...your snowy photograph just a got a little better.  

iPhone Photo - Original 

iPhone Photo - Quickly Edited for Snow 

iPhone Photo - Quickly Edited for Snow 

For those of you getting hit by this nor'easter, winter storm Quinn, stay safe and warm and get outside and take some pics!