Four Reasons I Love Photography

1. Photography Creates Lasting Memories 

We all take a lot of pictures these days.  Capturing those fleeting moments and recalling them on Facebook or in a photo album is priceless. Sometimes I catch the kids grabbing a photo album off of the shelf and turning the pages with a smile on their face...priceless!  

Garden of The Gods, Colorado Springs, CO ©John Guillaume

2. Photography Gets Me Outside

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and my camera gives me another reason to do so. Sometimes, I’ll go explore a new location in hopes of getting that next portfolio image. Even if I don't get that killer image, the experience of getting outside is always worth it. Other times, I’ll bring my camera along for a hike, trail run, or bike ride - Yes, I often will run or ride with my camera!  You just never know what may catch you eye. 

Beach Patrol - Stone Harbor, NJ - ©John Guillaume

3. Photography Makes Me Look at Everything Differently

I notice details around me that I would not otherwise see. Such as the subtle details of a building's architecture, the shape of the clouds, how the light hits the hillside, the long shadows of dusk and dawn, the catch light in someone’s eye, the leading lines created by a street or fence line, or the rich colors experienced during a morning walk. Photography has even shaped my thinking about business - how do I keep the message clear and simple?

One Cloud One Wave - Stone Harbor, NJ ©John Guillaume 

4. I Love the Creative Process

Taking the picture is the just the beginning. The editing process is just as fulfilling for me. Getting the images off of my camera and into Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop [or your favorite editing tools] is the next step in the process to make an image come to life. Editing cannot make up for a bad image but post-processing absolutely makes a great photograph better. The best part...there aren't any rules! 

What do you enjoy most about photography? Let me know in the comments, below. 

Have a great day! 


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Speedster - ©John Guillaume